Q: Wait this costs money ? Do you know I can get this for free other places ?
A: Yes. The best things in life aren’t free. This is a minimal amount intended to remove some of the issues related to the free sites.

Q: How can I avoid a stolen bike ?
A: There is a whole tab click here.

Q: Is buying a used bike even a good idea ?
A: If you like keeping more of your money as “yours” typically. Sometimes you can also find crazy unique things.

Q: My bike won’t sell. Your site sucks.
A: Neither of these are questions but lets pretend you are polite and asked "Why won’t my bike sell ? " Typically price is the issue. Followed by not enough details in the ad. Do some research, look at comparable. Also Unicycles with 5” of travel for downhill riding just aren’t as popular as they used to be.

Q: I need help. Do you offer help ?
A: That can be difficult to arrange. Best bet is to find a friend who rides (you have a bike junkie friend, they may just not admit it). Pick their brains. Looking for something to commute on ? Talk to the people that commute currently. Tom in Accounting isn’t that weird after all.